Marut Software Solutions  service the learning needs of our internal and external customers through the training arm of Marut which draws its strength from the vast expertise spanning over five years of training, development and services to customers in the area of telecom and software domains.

Marut Software Solutions has a dedicated team of faculty members and coordinators engaged in designing, developing and delivering technical, process and behavioral training programs. The training wing  has expanded its functioning to provide training support to academic institutions, small and medium enterprises in the various areas. 

Marut Software Solutions offers the below Software Trainings from its experienced trainers :

·Operating systems like Windows and UNIX

·Programming languages like C, C++, C# and JAVA

·Scripting languages like Perl and Shell

·Configuration management tools like Git. SVN etc

·Oracle DBMS and SQL

·Data Structrues.

·Mobile Platforms Like Android

·Testing technologies

·Software engineering techniques

Please contact Marut Software Solutions for more details :
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