Passion is all about giving more than 100% and this is what we practice at Marut Software Solutions by involving test engineers right from beginning of the project thereby ensuring testing perspective in almost stages of software development including Requirement gathering/analysis, design, test plan, test case development, scripting and automation, test environment setup, test execution, test result reporting and test data analysis. 

Software testing has gone mainstream in recent years driven by factors like globalization of software & systems development, automation of early stages of development, compliance and certifications. Studies state that the testing phase comprises of nearly 30 percent of the total Software Development LifeCycle, and every defect found early on saves millions of dollars for organizations.

The segment today is changing its dynamics with greater adoption of SOA, web services, SaaS, wireless and mobile technologies. Each of these trends is further complicated by a more agile approach to software development and an increasing emphasis on repeatability, reliability, re-use and robustness. Ensuring software quality and on-time application/product release has helped testing demonstrate its business impact.

We at Marut use lot of open source tools for developing, managing, automating the tests. We give more stress to the test automations. We undertake the stability testing of the devices too.