Marut Software Solutions can develop the customized android applications. Some of them are hosted in Google play also.

Hindu Panchanga App:

Hindu Panchanga App is for Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matt Mantralaya. Every year its updated for the new data. You can Download the APP Here !!!

Vehicle Dashboard:

Vehicle Dashboard Management is a GPS based application which is similar to vehicle dashboard.  When the user starts this application, based on the GPS it finds the Speed of the vehicle. Then based on this Speed, latitude and longitude, it shows the total distance Traveled. Also User has the option to set the Alarms, Base prices etc. Alarams can be location baed, time based and distance based. It can calculate the total fare based on the base fare set.  It can give you the alarm for over speed, distance and time based on the settings done.  User has also the option to calculate the total toll paid during the travel.  You can download the app from Google play

Kids App:

KidsApp application is basically build for children. This application is developed on Google’s Android mobile operating system using Java and XML. Using this application children can improve there alphabetical and numerical skills both in Kannada and English languages.

Here we are using TextToSpeech engine to convert text to speech. Default values and images are present for each alphabets and numbers. Or else you can also set the values and images for each alphabet in both kannnada and English. You can download the app from Google play

Blood Buddy:

The Main aim of the project is to notify all the users of the contacts whose blood group matches with the required blood group just by pressing a single button in the time of emergency. User, do not need to search what’s the blood group of the contact and no need to type and send the message or call the person. Application should take care of searching the blood group of the contact and send the SMS automatically if the blood group matches with the required blood groupYou can download the app from Google play

Body Mass Index:

The Main aim of the project is to check someone’s body weight in relation to their height. If the user enters his weight and height details and are then told his current BMI measurement. User can also use this method to discover what his ideal weight should be for his height, a useful tool in today’s climate of thin celebrities and fad diets. You can download the app from Google play