Marut Software Solutions, a Bangalore based company had its inception in the year 2014.  It was initiated by the pioneers with extensive background on the best technology to provide real time and single point solutions on Engineering Services, Software Services, POC Development, Manpower Consultancy and Corporate training.

Marut Software Solutions first analyses the clients requirements, plans accordingly then installs and trains the clients on the products. Marut even renders constant support after project completion. Our quality technical service has efficiently increased the trust and long relationships with clients from diverse fields such as IT, education and Healthcare sector etc.

A company with more than 20+ man years of experience in the area of engineering and product development targeted for medical, telecom and educational sectors. 

Effective technology is essential to enhance the way organizations collaborate. Understanding the need and importance of the right technology,  Marut provides integrated solutions to any concept. Over time Marut has become the single point solution for Engineering and software development activities. 


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